Who you are

The way you talk, behave, eat and think determines your culture. Culture is the social behavior and norms found in human societies.

Every individual can equally be identified under a cultural class on earth no matter your skin color. Some people are directly born in their cultural region while others inherit some cultural values outside their region of birth because of their ancestors.

Searching for what cultural values are belonging to an individual lies on that individual himself. Meaning a person can decide to follow the same culture of his/her ancestors or to completely follow new cultural values discovered.

This values which every person inculcates, is what helps he/she to interact with others in a given society. Because the communication system of a society requires a cultural language, learning the cultural norms of that society gives everybody a skill to function and communicate successful in that society.

My Cultural norms is what defines who I am and how I should behave. Its what I thank God for giving me at no cost.

Accept who you are and appreciate where you are coming from. The world is driven by a cultural train and you also have a sit and part to play.

Author: Kenkor.


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