What is the place of tech culture in your Society.

The world Society is facing a technological revolution and it’s manifesting in more ways than we can imagine. These manifesting dependents on the social relationship that individuals get involved in other to build their culture with the assistants of the technological culture.

The very possibility being that of building an organization culture to oversee the reality of these dream. The need is to enable a close collaboration between members of the organization allowing them to know each other. According to one recent study, lack of recognition on the job is one of the most cited reasons why employees leave for perceived “greener pastures.” And the power of peer-to-peer recognition (in addition to top-down recognition) has been found to be very powerful in driving greater engagement and reducing turnover.

This strategy seeks to create a solution to the problems individuals do face when building a tech culture. Its believable to accept the numerous benefits individuals do derive from the daily interaction with the tech cultures available in their societies.

So, if you’re a leader focused on building the kind of culture that encourages productivity and focuses on results while simultaneously focusing on the humanity of your workforce culture, it may seem counter-intuitive to look to tech-based solutions to increase the well-being of employees,improve communication, facilitate appreciation, and improve your employer brand. Choosing the right solution for your culture is just right. Solutions across a wide range of functions that deliver greater employee well-being, solidify personal connections, align and motivate employees around a shared purpose, and strengthen communication are all culture supporters and builders. Solutions may be found in:

  • Health and welfare benefits
  • Performance management, learning, and development
  • Rewards and recognition
  • Talent acquisition
  • Other areas that affect employee experience

Look for an emphasis on creating more human interactions and a focus on organization values.

Choosing any of the best way presents the importance of tech culture in your society. Although this is based on the individual culture which you find yourself in.

My own culture might be dependent on tech while yours doesn’t see the importance of tech.


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